Motoring Services

I have worked for Motoring Services for 9 years and have spent those 9 years working with AAW on getting parts.  I have always looked forward to seeing Matt and our conversations.  All of the people at the warehouse are really knowledgeable and nice.  I enjoy talking to them.  I get quality parts for a good price and they usually are readily available.  Usually if no one else can get me the parts they can.  I have seen over the years the ways that they are trying to be the go to shop with the best quality parts.  Working in an automotive shop we only like to use the good quality parts.  And if we do end up with a part failure, AAW is always on top of it getting us taken care of.  They are a great company and really care about their customers.  Thank you AAW for always being there when I needed you!!!!


Jodi @ Motoring Services

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